Other Breeds
I started breeding Jacobins in 1982. First I concentrated on yellow Jacobins. Since then I broadened the scale of colors to black, red, white as well as red- and black-splashed Jacobins. I started breeding with just few pairs; first in 1989 I broadened my breed with 30 to 40 pairs of Jacobins annually.
In particular in the last 15 years the experiences with American birds influenced my breed substantially. I got my first US birds in 1989 - two pairs of yellow Jacs from the former breed of Harry Alexander -, imported by Tom McCaig, Los Angeles. That was the beginning for the gradual implementation of an American breed in my lofts. The cornerstone of my current breed are animals from the breeds of Edmund Bachmann and Jim Ecker. In the beginning Ed Bachmann's birds formed the substantial direction of my breed: in 1993 I got hold on a splash cock, which had won Grand champion at the US National and that was bought and imported by Franz Josef Dillman and in 1996 got a further pair of yellow Jacs from the same breed. With my attendance at the NPA show in San Bernadino in January 1998 I acquired an outstanding black cock (winner of the black class at this event) as well as a couple of reds from Jim Ecker. My enthusiasm for the American “Jacobins” increased up to a further attendance of the American NPA show in Milwaukee in January 2000. The animals acquired with this attendance up to now build the basis of my current breed: 2.2 red ones and 3 Kite hens of Jim Ecker as well as 2 white hens from Ed Bachmann's breed. Today I consistently breed from these imported original animals and their offspring.

Biggest Successes:
European Champion (2001)
German Champion (1996, 1999)
Best of German Jacobin Club (1999, 2000, 2001)
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